Options for Sending Mass Emails

The CRM supports you in sending emails to multiple recipients  at once. Depending on your requirements and the purpose of the mails you may use one or all of the following options: 1. Use of the Email template function As admininstrator you may create a set of email templates which may get selected at the […]

Changing the picklist order for search function

The order of the picklist entries in the search menu for modules (list view) is based on the order of columns in the list view. The headline of the first column is the first entry in the picklist, etc. If you want, for instance, that your picklist always shows the Account Name as the first […]

new iPhone / iPod / iPad interface

Your CRM system may get connected to an iPhone / iPad. With this new interface you may view and edit most of the CRM data automatic alerts for tasks, potentials and tickets offline operation and synchronization business card scan If you are interested in this extension please contact crm-now for further information.

Transfer requests from web pages to the CRM

If you have your own web site with a contact form you may transfer the content as Lead to your CRM. For the transmission you may take advantage of the Webservice functions. The following example shows how a webform for the transmission of name, email and description can look like: <html> <body> <form method=”POST” action=”https://yoururl/modules/Webforms/post.php”> […]

Getting most from the product and service listings

If you create a quotation, an order or an invoice you have to use the product or service listings. To be able to use this feature efficiently you need to consider that the description field of a product or service becomes a part of your PDF output of quotes, orders and invoices. As illustrated in […]

why users should not get administrator privileges

It seems convenient to assign administrator privileges to a user especially if a user needs to change CRM settings frequently. However, for the daily work this is not recommended. Users with administrator privileges always see everything, inluding standard fields or picklist entries which has been disabled for the users. In addition, a user with admin […]

Challenges by the implementation of a crm software

A new software program has been bought – you as the manager are glad to provide this facilitation for your employees. Soon afterwards you come to realize the program is simply not used by some employees or even openly opposed. Are you familiar with this situation? The implementation of a new software program, such as […]

Tipps für einen guten Vertrieb

Auch wenn crm-now keine Newsletter versendet (wir glauben dieses Journal für unsere Kunden besser geeignet), so gibt es doch eine Reihe von Newslettern, die ich gerne empfange. Dazu gehört definiv die unregelmäßige und unaufdringliche Post von Gerold Braun, einen Vertriebsspezialisten, der sich gern in die Karten gucken läßt. Kurz und prägnant erklärt er, worauf es […]