Options for Sending Mass Emails

The CRM supports you in sending emails to multiple recipients  at once. Depending on your requirements and the purpose of the mails you may use one or all of the following options: 1. Use of the Email template function As admininstrator you may create a set of email templates which may get selected at the […]

Change CRM user’s name

You cannot change a user’s name directly. But you follow this procedure: create a new user with the desired new user name delete the old user during deletion you will be ask for the new owner of the data of the old user, select the new user you just created All data will get transferred […]

Changing the picklist order for search function

The order of the picklist entries in the search menu for modules (list view) is based on the order of columns in the list view. The headline of the first column is the first entry in the picklist, etc. If you want, for instance, that your picklist always shows the Account Name as the first […]

new iPhone / iPod / iPad interface

Your CRM system may get connected to an iPhone / iPad. With this new interface you may view and edit most of the CRM data automatic alerts for tasks, potentials and tickets offline operation and synchronization business card scan If you are interested in this extension please contact crm-now for further information.

new Outlook Plugin available

Since 01.07.09 an improved Outlook Plugin is available.  Besides a new menue several functions have been improved and new functions were added: optional automatically Login a synchronization of contacts which are owned by groups and where the CRM user is a member is now possible possibility to select a start date for calendar synchronization possibility […]

creating E-Mail templates

At the CRM you may upload HTML templates for your standard emails at Settings -> EMail Templates. For creating of such templates you may use any HTML editor. However, make sure that you use only HTML formatting tags which are also supported by the CRM’s HTML editor. Otherwise you may experience formatting problems as frequently […]

gemeinsamer Kalender mit dem Chef

In einer üblichen Unternehmenshierarchie arbeitet z.B. das Sekretariat dem Chef zu. Um das auch deutlich im Kalender zu kennzeichnen bietet es sich an Gruppen zu nutzen. Hier ein Beispiel dazu: Frau Meier macht Termine für Herrn Berger. Im CRM wurde eine Gruppe mit dem Namen “Me an Be” angelegt. Als Mitglieder dieser Gruppe wurden die […]