MailChimp Function Improvements

The CRM provides now to MailChimp users new functions which allow to track changes to mailing lists at Mailchimp also in the CRM. The CRM administrator can update the existing version to version# 2.0 by the CRM Extensions menu. Just follow the instructions given by the menu. The following MailChimp actions are transferred to the […]

Special report about accounts not contacted since…

There is a new functionality in your CRM since version that allows you to create a report about accounts which includes a special filter. That filter enables you to select a date specifying the last desired activity of an account. The report will list every account that has not been contacted since the specified […]

new Outlook Plugin available

Since 01.07.09 an improved Outlook Plugin is available.  Besides a new menue several functions have been improved and new functions were added: optional automatically Login a synchronization of contacts which are owned by groups and where the CRM user is a member is now possible possibility to select a start date for calendar synchronization possibility […]

new functions in january 09

In January a few functional enhancements has been applied. These changes affect only users who are using the PDF exports. You may add additional Information to an account name by using the new field named “Add. Account Name ” if you enter accounts master data. This field substitutes for the field call “Ticker Symbol”. This […]

neue CRM Funktionen im Dezember 08

Mit der letzten Versionsumstellung, wurde wieder die Sicherheit des Systems erhöht. Wir versuche ja immer den vielen neuen Bedrohungen aus dem Internet einen Schritt voraus zu sein. Die Gelegenheit haben wir auch genutzt ein paar kleinere Funktionserweiterungen durchzuführen: Filterfunktionen: Bisher konnten Filter nur für die Datensätze gesetzt werden, die in dem entsprechenden Modul vorhanden waren. […]