Why do I need a working browser cache?

The CRM system needs a working browser cache.
A cache contains parts of web pages and of your CRM system, such as images, layout presets or JavaScript files, in your browser. It usually ensures that cache items do not have to be downloaded again each time you visit the CRM system.
Thus, the cache allows for faster operation.

However, if the browser cache is filled with out-of-date information or is no longer functioning properly, it may happen that instead of the existing new content, the outdated files are loaded from the cache or the cache service is completely stopped. In addition, a full browser cache slows down the speed of your browser.

There are many websites on the Internet that try to manipulate your browser cache. Often, however, this is done so badly that the cache can no longer function properly.

For these reasons, we recommend clearing the cache manually on a regular basis. The functionality varies somewhat from browser to browser. With some browsers, you can set the cache to be automatically deleted when closing the browser. Please refer to the corresponding descriptions of the browser you are using.