Connecting a phone system with the CRM

You may connect the CRM with a Private Branch Exchange (PBX). For outgoing calls (Outbound) this would allow the click on a phone number stored at the CRM to initiate a call. It is also possible that an incoming call (Inbound) triggers a CRM site which provides you contact information as long the phone number of the caller is known by the CRM. In principle we destinguish two szenarios:

  1. Using of Softphones
  2. Using of the own PBX
  3. Using of a virtual PBX

Beginning with version you may connect a softphone with the CRM. As admin goto the menu Settings ->ModulManager->PBX to see the options. Please check your CRM version number, after login, at the lower right footer. If you ahve an older version in use, please contact crm-now. If you want to use your exiting PBX,  a communication between the PBX and the CRM is needed. Usually this is done by an IP connection. In cooperation with the telephon specialists from BFE crm-now offers a solution which works with (almost) every PBX. The graphic  CTI_an_CRM-NOW_Grafik.pdf provides a technical overview. The advantage of this solution is that you are still using the high quality lines of your PBX when making or receiving a call. A virtual PBX is often also called VoIP PBX or IP-Centrex telecommunication system, since all voice traffic is transferred over IP connections. A simple CRM connection for Outbound calls only can be made by Browser plugins, like Skype or other VoIP service provider offer. For more complex virtual PBX connections, which take advantage of all PBX features and works for Inbound and Outbound, modifications to the CRM system are necessary in most cases. Please contact crm-now or BFE if you need more information.

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