Options for Sending Mass Emails

The CRM supports you in sending emails to multiple recipients  at once. Depending on your requirements and the purpose of the mails you may use one or all of the following options:

1. Use of the Email template function

As admininstrator you may create a set of email templates which may get selected at the CRM’s email menu. This is very suitable for standard emails you send frequently to your prospects or customers. Each of the templates may contain so called substitue fields which will be filled with actual CRM information automatically when an email is created. If stored at a user’s settings a signature is added to the email automatically.

2. Use of the Newsletter Mailing tool

If you need a professional tool for sending out newsletters or other serial emails based on templates to a large number of recipients, the CRM provides you an integrated Newsletter Mailing Tool. In order to activate it, you need to have a working setup of your outgoing SMTP mail server and have the ‘Enable Newsletter Mailing’ checkbox checked at a CRM users settings menu.

This tool provides a lot of features for professional mailings. However, it also requires some setup so that it serves your requirements and has a learning curve. For an overview you may have a look at www.phplist.com/details.

3. Use of  MailChimp

Mailchimp (www.mailchimp.com) is one of the most advanced serial email mailing tools available today. If you need more features that the CRM’s newsletter mailing tool provides you may consider to switch to MailChimp.

Note, that this service is provided by an external provider and the use may generate addition costs.

The CRM’s MailChimp connector is a CRM extension which you may install at the CRM Extension menu. This is also the right place to look for the manual which explains how you can connect the CRM with MailChimp. This extension is available for all CRM’s with versions crm-nowPS 5.2.138 or better  OR crm-nowPS or better. You may identify your version at left lower corner of each CRM menu. If you would like to try this extension and it is not available at your CRM extension’s menu, please contact crm-now for a free of charge upgrade.

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