automatic messages

If you like and if you have configured the CRM accordingly, the CRM can take automatic actions for you. The following is a list of the possibilities and suppose to help you for your selection:

1. selected automatic actions

  • At the ‘My Preferences’ menue each user may select a Reminder Interval which generates a browser popup window every time an activity stored at the CRM is due. The recommended settings is 15 minutes.
  • You may allow contacts stored at your CRM access to selectable CRM data by the Customer Portal. For this you may make appropriate entries at a contact’s edit view. When you store the data set an automatic email with Customer Portal access data gets generated and send the contact’s email address. Make sure the CRM administrator as enabled this function at the ‘Settings->Notifications (#5)’ menu and has selected the appropriated email template.

2. automatic actions every 20 minutes

  • Email Notifications: If the CRM contains an activity entry with an activated reminder settings the CRM checks for the start time every 20 minutes. If the reminder time is dues an automatic email will be send out to the assigned user, provided that the outgoing Mailserver has been configured.
  • Workflows: Workflows are executed immediately except for email tasks. Emails will get send out every 20 minutes.
  • Mailscanner: The Mailscanner gets acitvated every 20 minutes.

3. automatic actions every 15 minutes

  • Mass emails generated by the Newsletter Mailing tool will get send out every 15 minutes.

4. automatic actions once a day / night

  • If you have acitivated the Enable Recurring function for invoices at a Sales Order’s edit view the new invoices are getting generated automatically at night.
  • Email notifications for tasks which are overdue for more than 24h are getting generated at night, provided the CRM administrator has enabled this function at the ‘Settings->Notifications (#1)’ menue.
  • If a contact’s entry contains a birthdate an automatic reminder messages gets generated 3 days in advance  (starting with cersion
  • An automatic reminder will get send out every night for trouble tickes which are not closed.

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