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MailChimp Function Improvements

frank @ 11:30 AM # One Comment

The CRM provides now to MailChimp users new functions which allow to track changes to mailing lists at Mailchimp also in the CRM. The CRM administrator can update the existing version to version# 2.0 by the CRM Extensions menu. Just follow the instructions given by the menu. The following MailChimp actions are transferred to the […]

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Softphone Usage

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Hint: The following functions are available for users’s with CRM version (or better) in the menu CRM Settings -> Other Settings – Softphone. Starting with CRM version you may connect your PC with the CRM to make phone calls by softphones. This works for outbound calls as well as inbound calls. For outbound […]

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iPhone App

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Starting with CRM version you may connect to your CRM by the new iPhone app. Please check your CRM version number (after Login, footer left side) and contact crm-now if you need an update. The app is available at the iTunes Store: iPhone App Link

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Android App

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Starting with CRM version you may connect to your CRM by the new Android app. Please check your CRM version number (after Login, footer left side) and contact crm-now if you need an update. The app is available at: Android App Link

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Connecting a phone system with the CRM

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You may connect the CRM with a Private Branch Exchange (PBX). For outgoing calls (Outbound) this would allow the click on a phone number stored at the CRM to initiate a call. It is also possible that an incoming call (Inbound) triggers a CRM site which provides you contact information as long the phone number […]

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Options for Sending Mass Emails

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The CRM supports you in sending emails to multiple recipients  at once. Depending on your requirements and the purpose of the mails you may use one or all of the following options: 1. Use of the Email template function As admininstrator you may create a set of email templates which may get selected at the […]

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CRM Word Connector Installation

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The CRM Word Connector (CWC) is a powerfil tool for the creation of serial letters or for other purposes with MS Word under consideration of the CRM’s data. To activate this extension 2 steps are required:Step 1: Check the installation status of the CRC extension. As admin goto the “Settings->ModuleManger->CustomModule” menue. Check wehter there is […]

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Word template usage

frank @ 03:04 PM # Comments Off on Word template usage

You may use the Settings -> Text Template menu to store MS Word documents as templates for serial letters. These templates must have the .doc format and can get created by using the Office Plugin extension available at the CRM’s Help menu. This extension links Word and the CRM and provides the CRM fields to […]

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new Outlook Plugin version available

Matthias @ 11:48 AM # 3 Comments

Somtimes it is not required to include attachments if you send emails from Outlook to the CRM. This is for instance the case if the attachment is very large or if you have it already as a document listed in the CRM. With the new version you may decide whether you include attachments. The Plugin […]

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new iPhone / iPod / iPad interface

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Your CRM system may get connected to an iPhone / iPad. With this new interface you may view and edit most of the CRM data automatic alerts for tasks, potentials and tickets offline operation and synchronization business card scan If you are interested in this extension please contact crm-now for further information.

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Transfer requests from web pages to the CRM

frank @ 09:45 AM # One Comment

If you have your own web site with a contact form you may transfer the content as Lead to your CRM. For the transmission you may take advantage of the Webservice functions. The following example shows how a webform for the transmission of name, email and description can look like: <html> <body> <form method=”POST” action=”https://yoururl/modules/Webforms/post.php”> […]

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