Softphone Usage

Hint: The following functions are available for users’s with CRM version (or better) in the menu CRM Settings -> Other Settings – Softphone.

Starting with CRM version you may connect your PC with the CRM to make phone calls by softphones. This works for outbound calls as well as inbound calls.
For outbound calls the CRM makes all phone numbers clickable. For inbound calls the CRM identifies the data set of the caller based on the calling phone number and displays it to the logged in CRM user’s browser on time.
While all softpones support outbound calls, not all are capable to support inbound calls.
For inbound calls the softphone must call a specific CRM URL and transmit the calling phone number to the CRM system. If the phone number was stored at the CRM the data set of the caller is dieplayed. You need to contact the softphone provider in order to find our whether this feature is available. The CRM will search for the business phone numbers stored at Leads, Accounts and Contacts.

The CRM administrator can go to the Settings -> Module Manger -> PBX Manager menu, to make a choice from a set of predefined softphone types. Please make sure that the phone numbers in the CRM contain only numbers, spaces or the – character. No brackets or other characters are allowed, see here.

In addition, you may also use so called brwoser plugins for outbound calls. Such a plugin indentifies phone numbers and makes them clickable, as provided for instance by Skype.

Hints for Inbound Calls:
In order to find related contacts at the CRM when a call comes in, the softphone needs to transmit the caller’s phone number to the CRM. This can be done by creating a batch file at your local computer which gets triggered by an incoming call by the softphone. Such a batch file with the name inbound.bat could look like:

set callerID=%1
start firefox “https://ihre CRM URL/index.php?module=Contacts&action=phoneEntry&callphone=%callerID%”

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