new functions in january 09

In January a few functional enhancements has been applied. These changes affect only users who are using the PDF exports.

  • You may add additional Information to an account name by using the new field named “Add. Account Name ” if you enter accounts master data. This field substitutes for the field call “Ticker Symbol”.
  • This new entry is considered for the PDF output of quotes as follows:
    • If the field “Add. Account Name ” contains an entry, this entry will displayed at the address field of the PDF export file below the account name.
    • If a contact is assigned to a quote and the contact has a “Department” field entry the “Department” will get displayed at the PDF export file.

These functional enhancements are provided to all users of the CRM standard version and can get provided to customized CRM versions on request. If you have any question please contact your customer care representant.

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