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MailChimp Function Improvements

frank @ 11:30 AM # One Comment

The CRM provides now to MailChimp users new functions which allow to track changes to mailing lists at Mailchimp also in the CRM. The CRM administrator can update the existing version to version# 2.0 by the CRM Extensions menu. Just follow the instructions given by the menu. The following MailChimp actions are transferred to the […]

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automatic messages

Matthias @ 02:10 PM # No Comment Yet

If you like and if you have configured the CRM accordingly, the CRM can take automatic actions for you. The following is a list of the possibilities and suppose to help you for your selection: 1. selected automatic actions At the ‘My Preferences’ menue each user may select a Reminder Interval which generates a browser […]

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Options for Sending Mass Emails

Matthias @ 01:14 PM # No Comment Yet

The CRM supports you in sending emails to multiple recipients  at once. Depending on your requirements and the purpose of the mails you may use one or all of the following options: 1. Use of the Email template function As admininstrator you may create a set of email templates which may get selected at the […]

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 Compatibility

frank @ 12:46 PM # No Comment Yet

The Microsoft IE Browser might cause some CRM site display problems. If you experience some issues switch to the compatibility mode. You may find instructions at

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Special report about accounts not contacted since…

Alexander @ 03:50 PM # Comments Off on Special report about accounts not contacted since…

There is a new functionality in your CRM since version that allows you to create a report about accounts which includes a special filter. That filter enables you to select a date specifying the last desired activity of an account. The report will list every account that has not been contacted since the specified […]

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Changing the picklist order for search function

Matthias @ 11:47 AM # No Comment Yet

The order of the picklist entries in the search menu for modules (list view) is based on the order of columns in the list view. The headline of the first column is the first entry in the picklist, etc. If you want, for instance, that your picklist always shows the Account Name as the first […]

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E-Mail Tracking

Matthias @ 04:33 PM # No Comment Yet

When you send an email from your CRM system an automatic function is included which allows you to see whether and how often the receiver has accessed this mail. This information is displayed in a contacts or leads detail view at the email listing in the ‘Access Count’ column. This function works only if the […]

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colored calendar entries

Matthias @ 09:09 PM # No Comment Yet

Each user may select its own calendar color at the “My Settings” menue. If a user need more colors for calenda entries you may create a group with this user as the only member and assign a different color to it. If you assign a calendar entry to this group the entry will get displayed […]

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Getting most from the product and service listings

dirk @ 01:56 PM # No Comment Yet

If you create a quotation, an order or an invoice you have to use the product or service listings. To be able to use this feature efficiently you need to consider that the description field of a product or service becomes a part of your PDF output of quotes, orders and invoices. As illustrated in […]

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Forward links in emails or chats

frank @ 03:36 PM # No Comment Yet

Every CRM entry has its own URL if you goto the detail views or consider stored files. Just copy this URL from your browser. You may use this URL for references in emails or chats such as: — snip Hi Bob, have a look at <url to the CRM entry> and let me know what […]

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print price lists

admin @ 09:54 PM # No Comment Yet

Some CRM users would like to generate price lists based on the product list. You may use the following procedure to generate such lists: Create a custom field for products, called  “Product list” . Use the Multi Select Box as field type in order to be capable to consider products in multiple price lists. Assign […]

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Tag Cloud Usage

frank @ 05:26 PM # 2 Comments

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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calls are not tasks

dirk @ 05:31 PM # No Comment Yet

At the CRM we destinguish events (Call, Meeting) and tasks. Both types of activities are supported by different functions. For instance, tasks are not displayed at the standard calendar display. Even if you consider a planned call as a task for you, the CRM does not. Therefore, planned calls should be entered as calls and […]

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creating E-Mail templates

Matthias @ 06:43 PM # 2 Comments

At the CRM you may upload HTML templates for your standard emails at Settings -> EMail Templates. For creating of such templates you may use any HTML editor. However, make sure that you use only HTML formatting tags which are also supported by the CRM’s HTML editor. Otherwise you may experience formatting problems as frequently […]

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Usage of browser tabs in the list view

Matthias @ 06:20 PM # No Comment Yet

Over time your lists of contacts, events etc. are getting longer. If you consider to change some entries which are located for instance on page 3 at one of your list views, we recommend to use your browsers capability to open new tabs. Just click with the right mouse button on your entry and open […]

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do not delete invoices!

dirk @ 04:33 PM # No Comment Yet

In most countries the internal revenue service requires from companies to number invoices consecutively.  Even if the CRM allows you to delete an invoice you should avoid this. You will not be able to reuse the invocie number of a deleted invoice. Instead, create a credit note for this customer. This will also update the […]

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gemeinsamer Kalender mit dem Chef

Matthias @ 05:12 PM # No Comment Yet

In einer üblichen Unternehmenshierarchie arbeitet z.B. das Sekretariat dem Chef zu. Um das auch deutlich im Kalender zu kennzeichnen bietet es sich an Gruppen zu nutzen. Hier ein Beispiel dazu: Frau Meier macht Termine für Herrn Berger. Im CRM wurde eine Gruppe mit dem Namen “Me an Be” angelegt. Als Mitglieder dieser Gruppe wurden die […]

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E-Mail Signatur Design

dirk @ 02:35 PM # No Comment Yet

A signatur is added to each email you send from the CRM system automatically, if the signature has been stored at Settings -> Users ->your user edit view. Such an email can get easily formated by the HTML format by using CRM tools. Procedure: Goto the detail view of one contact stored at your CRM. […]

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Emails with images

dirk @ 12:37 PM # No Comment Yet

In many cases it is better not to embed images into emails. Instaed we recommend to use a link in your email which points to the images you want to have in your email. You may use the following procedure: upload your images to a server with Internet access link your image by an URL […]

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