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Usage of browser tabs in the list view

Matthias @ 06:20 PM # No Comment Yet

Over time your lists of contacts, events etc. are getting longer. If you consider to change some entries which are located for instance on page 3 at one of your list views, we recommend to use your browsers capability to open new tabs. Just click with the right mouse button on your entry and open […]

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new functions in january 09

frank @ 02:26 PM # No Comment Yet

In January a few functional enhancements has been applied. These changes affect only users who are using the PDF exports. You may add additional Information to an account name by using the new field named “Add. Account Name ” if you enter accounts master data. This field substitutes for the field call “Ticker Symbol”. This […]

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do not delete invoices!

dirk @ 04:33 PM # No Comment Yet

In most countries the internal revenue service requires from companies to number invoices consecutively.  Even if the CRM allows you to delete an invoice you should avoid this. You will not be able to reuse the invocie number of a deleted invoice. Instead, create a credit note for this customer. This will also update the […]

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tips for online marketing from eco

dirk @ 01:45 PM # No Comment Yet

available in German only at

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Challenges by the implementation of a crm software

Boris @ 11:39 AM # No Comment Yet

A new software program has been bought – you as the manager are glad to provide this facilitation for your employees. Soon afterwards you come to realize the program is simply not used by some employees or even openly opposed. Are you familiar with this situation? The implementation of a new software program, such as […]

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Login data lost

dirk @ 12:27 PM # No Comment Yet

After the long holiday season our support gets frequent requests from users who lost their CRM access data. We are not able to recover any access data for you but can help users with administrator privileges. CRM administrators can set new login data for CRM users.

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