Challenges by the implementation of a crm software

A new software program has been bought – you as the manager are glad to provide this facilitation for your employees. Soon afterwards you come to realize the program is simply not used by some employees or even openly opposed. Are you familiar with this situation?

The implementation of a new software program, such as a software for crm, can possibly lead to active (open opposition) or passive (program is not used) resistance shown by the employees. This is an unpleasant experience for everyone involved which can threaten the success of the whole project. Reasonable improvements in the day-to-day (in this case the professionalization of the communication with clients as well as a simplified data management) are left unemployed.

Which possible solutions can you resort to? In order to guard against the development of resistance or to resolve existing resistance, one solution is to run a workshop with the project manager (if necessary with members of the executive board) and the affected colleagues facilitatetd by an external consultant. In his role as an independent observer, he can extract the causes for resistance as well as work jointly on possible solutions with the participants. The advantage of this approach is the participation of the colleagues affected by the in-house advancement. Hence, resistance will timely be guarded against respectively be reduced.

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