Samples for using the CRM interfaces

As described and explained in the article CRM Interfaces in this Journal you may connect the CRM with other applications like Websites, Accounting Systems or other. Here are some PHP coding examples which show how this works: CURL Class Example Example for getting Lead Details Example for uploading a Document If you need support for […]

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MailChimp Function Improvements

The CRM provides now to MailChimp users new functions which allow to track changes to mailing lists at Mailchimp also in the CRM. The CRM administrator can update the existing version to version# 2.0 by the CRM Extensions menu. Just follow the instructions given by the menu. The following MailChimp actions are transferred to the […]

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Softphone Usage

  Starting with CRM version you may connect your PC with the CRM to make phone calls by softphones. This works for outbound calls as well as inbound calls. For outbound calls the CRM makes all phone numbers clickable. For inbound calls the CRM identifies the data set of the caller based on the […]

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Tools for data imports

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In general, contact data can get imported into the CRM’s Leads, Accounts and/or Contacts modules. Before you consider to make an import you need to decide your target module. Based on this decision you have to perpare the import file. The easiest way is with an Excel file. Please consult the manual for detailed instructions and a description of the special requirements.
After you created a valid Excel file you have to convert it into a special CSV file. The required CSV format is also described in the CRM’s manual.
But there are tools available which can help you to create the CSV file automatically. These tools are availbale at the CRM’s help menu:

  • Excel To CSV Converter (32 oder 64 bit): These are Windows programs which generate a CSV file in the required format from an Excel file. It supports different character codings and separators as well as automatic splitting of larger files.
  • MS Excel Extension: This is an Excel Macro, for exporting a CSV file in the required format.
  • UTF-8 Converter: This Windowprogram helps you to convert your data for imports from a numbers CSV file into the required CSV format.
  • Mac CSV Tool: This Mac droplet helps you to convert your data for imports from a numbers CSV file into the required CSV format.

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new SMS extension module

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Starting with v5.3.98 a new CRM extension module is available at the CRM’s extension menu. This may add SMS sending capabilities to your CRM. You can use this to send single SMS messages or up 100 SMS messages at the same time. The following SMS service providers are supported:


Note, that the SMS services generate additional costs. For an overview of these costs please consult the web page of the respective SMS service providers.

If you need support for implementing this extention please do not hesitate to contact crm-now.

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