new CRM module Distribution List

With the current version, there is a new CRM module called “Distribution List”. This module makes it very flexible to compile lists of people that can then be used for marketing activities or other purposes. As already known from the campaign module, content can be added from list views, reports or as single contact. But […]

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new MS Word plugin version available

Today a new MS Word plugin version v2.1.7 has been released and is available to download from the CRM help menu. This is just a bug fix release. The self-used version number can be viewed in Word under the CRM Info Button / Icon. If you want to update an existing Word plugin, you have […]

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how to assign a Contact to an envent

Every now and then the question is asked how to add a person from another company to an event. If you have already selected an organization for the event, only persons from this company will be offered for selection. The tick is that you remove the organization, add the person from the other company and […]

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VAT Setup

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As an administrator, you can set the VAT rates used in CRM yourself. This is done in the “CRM Settings” -> “Other Settings” -> “Tax Settings” menu. More detailed explanations of this menu can be found in the manual.

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Replacement fields for PDF

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If you create quotes, orders or invoices you can use certain replacement fields for the PDF generation. The following is a list of replacement field names you can use for the field in the blocks Conclusion and Cover Letter:

If the data are related to a contact (related field):

Salutation Contact: $contacts-salutation$
First Name Contact: $contacts-firstname$
Last Name Contact: $contacts-lastname$

Information from the menu “My Preferences” of the logged in CRM user:
CRM user First Name: $users-firstname$
CRM user Last Name: $users-lastname$
CRM : $users-title$

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