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Getting most from the product and service listings

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If you create a quotation, an order or an invoice you have to use the product or service listings. To be able to use this feature efficiently you need to consider that the description field of a product or service becomes a part of your PDF output of quotes, orders and invoices. As illustrated in […]

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calls are not tasks

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At the CRM we destinguish events (Call, Meeting) and tasks. Both types of activities are supported by different functions. For instance, tasks are not displayed at the standard calendar display. Even if you consider a planned call as a task for you, the CRM does not. Therefore, planned calls should be entered as calls and […]

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do not delete invoices!

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In most countries the internal revenue service requires from companies to number invoices consecutively.  Even if the CRM allows you to delete an invoice you should avoid this. You will not be able to reuse the invocie number of a deleted invoice. Instead, create a credit note for this customer. This will also update the […]

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